For Candidates

For you who are looking for a position as a temporary worker, we offer an opportunity to choose where when and when you want to work, without being required to have permanent shifts. Being a temporary employee at TSS Bureau, you have the opportunity to develop both humanly and professionally. You will be sent to the places you want and feel safe. You get the opportunity to see several different jobs and meet many staff who work in this industry, and you get to learn many things. You will get to know a lot of people and expand your professional network. You can work part-time (weekdays / weekends) if you are a student or next to your permanent position (if you are employed elsewhere). Therefore, we offer guards depending on your desired number of hours. If you want to be a full-time substitute, we require more flexibility on your part, as it varies how many guards we can give you. We expect you to be available when we contact you. Your flexibility and stability help us cover the shifts when emergency situations arise, and in that you will be rewarded with a bonus in addition to the salary you receive for the emergency shift you have taken. We take into account you who become our substitute in terms of your residence and the place you are sent out. All bonuses are given by appointment.

We take care of our temps and take care of them. We do our best to get you guards as close to your place of residence as possible. Driving license is not a requirement, however, a bonus for you and us, as mobility provides opportunities for more guards and tasks. In addition, we cover the driving or your transport, depending on your number of shifts you have taken for the pay period. If you are loyal to us and help us in emergencies, you will of course also be rewarded with a bonus. Whether you choose to work part-time or full-time, we are happy for your cooperation and your efforts with our customers. At TSS, we are all a family, regardless of your title or position.

We are looking for substitutes within the following professional groups:
  • Nurses
    Social and health assistants
    Social and health workers
    Unskilled helpers for practical tasks (with a minimum of one year experience in the health sector)
    Inoculations (here you will be trained in inoculation)
    Driver / tender in different shifts, day, evening and night, respectively. You must have your own car to deliver medicine to care centers, home care and private citizens,

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