The recruitment process

The resume database is the first place we look for when starting a hiring process for a company.

It is important to us that you be informed. Likewise, that you have the opportunity to get answers to the questions you have for the position.

Participating in a recruitment process usually requires you to perform over several rounds. In writing, by phone, online and at physical meetings with both the researcher, headhunter and finally the hiring company.

We are honest, direct and try to keep you closely informed all the way. Our clients and candidates emphasize, among other things, that we do what we say. That we dare to articulate both opportunities and challenges in a direct and clear language. We always strive to create a good experience, so you get something that you can work on. Whether you end up signing a contract or have to “get on the horse” again.

When it’s so important to us, it’s because it’s about the perfect match. It is crucial that you have the opportunity to be critical of whether it is the right next step in your career. On the other side of the desk, we are also critical of whether you are the right person to fill the position.