Area of ​​expertise and Student service

Entrepreneurship, immigration, residency, international job search (domestic and foreign), international education, understanding and information of individual and collective affairs in other countries’ laws for immigration applicants, international investment, education, startups, patents and innovation and

commercialization of research and development results in for top technologies, especially in software production, establishment of consulting center, information and entrepreneurship services, holding international exams, common workplace, cafe.
Teaching foreign languages, guidance and support for the Iranian workforce abroad, holding research and training courses. Management and

digital marketing consultancy, financial evaluation and feasibility study of plans and projects and development of business model and models for entrepreneurship and investment, export and import of all approved commercial goods, participation in public and private tenders and auctions, acquisition and representation to natural and legal persons, obtaining loans and credits from banks and financial and credit

institutions, developing businesses, establishing branches in and outside the country, cooperating with natural and legal persons.
Payment services (fast, secure and informed) Tuition fees (university and college), payment with Visa Card / Master Card / PayPal / Buy and sell passwords.